Short Getaway

Short Getaway

Meg Ganeeson, Blogger, KL

29 Aug 2019

To those who are born with incurable wanderlust, having sense of adventure, crave different environments, food, sounds, humans, cultures, TRAVELLING teaches tolerances!? Agreed?

Holidays are obviously great ways to relax, bonding and having fun together. Travelling with family and/or friends can be incredible fun. Gets you to do different things. Teaches resilience, while sharing experiences together and strengthens bond.

If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go accompanied

There are constantly going to be bumps in the way, if you can discover a technique to deal with them, it will be much relaxed and less worrying.


Looking for a short weekend getaway?

Whether you’re planning for an easy short/long weekend. there’s no need to leave Malaysia to have that trip of a lifetime, follow me below:

  • Browse for some best Malaysian Road trips
  • Make a budget
  • Start planning your self-drive trip, book a vehicle with us
  • Pick the right crowd
  • Make a list of things needed and begin packing
  • Check your GPS / Waze
  • Start your engines to explore with your favourite troop

Travelling Malaysia is predominantly calm due to the efficient North-South Expressway, with other modern highways that link towns and villages throughout the country.

A self-drive is perfect with the frequent rest stops offered. While travelling on the older roads allows prospect to stop at local kampungs (villages) and warungs (stalls) where locals sell local refreshing fruits / delicacies from own farm/home.

Expressways roads also tends to be smooth, quiet and easy to navigate, giving a panoramic drive for all seasons, with undulating slopes of nature, scenery, colour and aura.

Rest-stops offer foods, shops, gas station and clean rest-rooms.

Modern traveling is not traveling at all; it is merely being sent to a place, and very little different from becoming a parcel.